Test Covid-19

For the health and safety of all, in order to participate in the competition or enter the venue, a negative Covid-19 test is mandatory. All the staff, including referees, organizing committee, hostesses and stewards, etc. will have a negative Covid-19 test for the entire duration of the event.

The COVID-19 rapid test must be done at the venue; the test can be booked on the competition website.
The test result has a duration of 48 hours, please verify that the test covers the duration of the competition of interest. If a participant or coach is involved in more than one event, maybe two tests will be necessary.

The rapid testing will be performed by a specialized equip in Centro sportivo “San Filippo” Via Luigi Bazoli, 10, 25127 Brescia BS. Please respect the time slot allocated. The cost of each test is €25,00. The test can must be booked on line on www.internationalfencingchallenge.com.

If a supporter or coach results positive, no access to the venue will be allowed to supporter, coach and athlete. In case of positive test no refund will be given. Italian health Covid laws must be followed.

To enter the venue, the following documentation must be given to the staff:

  • Entry payment receipt

  • Auto-certification COVID. Download the form

  • Negative Covid-19 rapid test result.

Body temperature will be taken, and a personal space that allow social distancing will be provided on the stands. Inside the venue surgical face masks, covering mouth and nose, must be used by everyone. The supporters must not leave the personal allocated space. Access to the pistes is strictly forbidden. Athletes may remove the face masks during warm-up and the bouts however between bouts a face mask is required.

A full refund will be given upon cancellation of the event. No refund provided in case of positive test.